Increase your kids exposure by giving them a Tonsser United Membership and help them build their football career as their supporter!

Membership: €2.99/MonthTerms and conditions apply
Exclusive Tryouts

Tryouts give your kid a chance of being selected to play for Tonsser United

Members can apply for tryouts, where they can showcase themselves and be selected to play for the Tonsser United team, against academies in international tournaments in front of top clubs' scouts.
Scout Exposure

Get your performance exposed to international clubs, academies and scouts

As a member, your kid's performance will be exposed to our club partners on our exclusive monthly shortlist, validated by the Tonsser United head coach.
Stand out profile

Help your kid stand out and share their profile to external clubs and scouts

Never miss a change. Access their profile views, and get notified when a scout/coach is watching. Be proactive, and share/export your players profile to external clubs.
There are currently only trials available for U14-U17 male players in France (Paris region). We will add more events soon!

Behind The Scenes

Photos and videos all around the event experience.

Expert Advice

Stay informed! Get exclusive expert Advice from the Head Coach

You will get access to exclusive advice from the TU coaching team, pro players and other experts helping you to make better decisions for your career.
Support Advantage

Never miss a moment. Capture their match highlight and celebrate

As a member, you can support your player from the sideline, capture all of their highlights in the Tonsser app, giving them the competitive edge.

Give them exposure and the support from our community

Best goals, skills, saves and other incredible moments from our community of members are showcased on our social media channels, reaching millions of views.

Those Who Made It

The players that wear the shirt and inspire the next generation.

What You Will Get

1.  Exclusive shortlists

Give your player a chance to showcase their potential in a game like situation and get their key performance indicators (speed etc.) tracked and assessed.

2.  Expert advice

Get personal feedback and recommendations on how to improve your players performances and chances, from our official Tonsser United coaches.

3. Exposure boost

Get all video highlights as well as performance data on your kids Tonsser profile after the event. All will be shared with clubs and scouts in our global network.

4. Community

Best moments will additionally be showcased on our social channels, reaching millions of views.
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